'Mike is the best senior safety and hands-on operational leader I've ever worked with.  Mike has outstanding operational leadership skills and was crucial in helping Metrojet become a world-class operation in a period of strong growth.  Mike helped to strengthen and standardise best practice across the Asia Pacific Region. Mike is a great team player, a consummate professional, and a joy with work with.'


Chris Buchholz,  Member of Board of Directors at Wijet (formerly CEO Metrojet and Vice President  Universal Aviation, Asia Pacific)

'Mike greatly assisted the Foundation and Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Program with a rebuild of the auditor training package to make it much more contemporary and readily useable for the candidates. The outcome was on time and to a particularly high standard’.


David Anderson, Managing Director, BARS Program

Flight Safety Foundation

‘Mike’s facilitation style is engaging and enjoyable. The training with Mike was memorable, relevant and backed up examples of real-life experiences. The knowledge I gained from training with Mike has stuck with me because of this and already assisted me in my career. He’s a guru, a standout person in the Aviation Safety sector, and I’m grateful to have had the experience of training with him’.

Nina Wedding, Customer Support Manager, AVINET

'Mike’s passion for, and experience in, aviation safety is reflected in the high quality of his tailored work. And you won’t find a more engaging facilitator than Mike’.


Danny Ullmer, General Manager Safety & Security

Cobham Aviation Services

'Mike knows his SMS and has demystified safety management for hundreds of attendees at SMS workshops across Australia.  Mike has a rare ability to translate SMS theory into practice, including for smaller organisations … he gives participants a very practical, tailored approach to implementing SMS in their organisations’.  

Margo Marchbank, Director, Koru Communication (formerly Manager Safety Communications Branch, CASA)

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